Big Data Can Mean Less Costly Waste Management

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Nov 4, 2019 8:15:00 AM

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Big data has revolutionized businesses across industries. The power of having more data, more granularly, more frequently, has enabled massive progress in organizations’ ability to make better decisions over their operations.

Here’s an example: online booking might help hotels fill up their rooms more efficiently by taking responsibility off of humans to coordinate everything. And when analyzing all that booking data, hotels can figure out when they’ll need extra staff present. They’ll find out which room service meals are working better. They’ll map favourable reviews to trends in their management.

They’ll discover all the different ways they can tweak their operations to offer their customers what they need to keep booking.

But one thing they might not be thinking about? And one thing many companies in many industries might not be aware of?

You can harness big data in your waste management. And when you do, you can achieve some big savings.

Sensor-Equipped Bins in the Waste Management Process

Many companies might have a general idea about how fast their waste piles up to the point they need someone to haul it out.

If you hit peak customer traffic at the weekend for instance, you might be on a weekly schedule that starts by emptying full bins on Monday mornings.

The thing about that is, just because something works on average doesn’t mean it works every week. It could even be failing almost as many weeks as it does work. An unexpected random rush, a holiday weekend, a nearby convention — many things can disrupt your “normal” waste management routine.

The big data solution? Sensors.

Get a Real-Time Understanding of Your Waste Management

RS-October-11-1151 AM-1Phones continually update their location, enabling tons of big data convenience for people, from navigation to location-specific notifications. So what happens when you put modern technology in a bin?

You get a real-time picture of how full your bin is getting. Meaning, whether it’s one bin or many across multiple locations, you know what’s going on right now. You can prevent overfilling issues by catching them early.

Now, instead of the potential logistical headache coordinating a pickup schedule with your hauler, having to deal with the cost of them showing up when there’s little to no waste to pickup, and the cost of overflowing bins? You just get your waste hauled off when it needs to be.

The efficiency savings of such a system often hit or exceed 10%. That’s great news for any business with just the one location — and even better when you’re operating across the country.

RecycleSmart Can Help Cut Your Waste Management Cost

When businesses get our sensors installed, these are exactly the benefits they get. It’s a simple system that makes your waste management process simpler, cheaper, and easier.

Don’t let the benefits of big data pass by your waste management. Find out more about what we do right here — and get ready to save some serious dough.

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