Don’t Get Fooled by the 1-Year Cheap Price Waste Hauler Trick!

Posted by RecycleSmart Team on Jan 24, 2020 12:58:56 PM

You’re could be paying way too much for your waste hauling. Many companies sign a contract that looks good, but as the years go by, they don’t notice the constant increase of fees until it’s way too late.

What’s the main trick you don’t want to get caught by? The 1-year cheap price trick.

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A Cheap First Year Won’t Be Worth It

This waste hauler trick is pretty self-explanatory. You get a quote with an unbelievable rate. So you sign it.

But it turns out that rate’s only low because your service provider is planning all along to jack it up. Year two rolls by and all of a sudden the rate’s gone up and you’re also seeing half a dozen fees you weren’t expecting.

Haulers get away with it first because they know many companies don’t really read that invoice too closely, and second, because of the hassle it would be to switch.

Many haulers build in expensive contract termination clauses to try to lock you in. Because they know that most companies won’t try to fight them, and they’ll be able to renew the contract for multiple years, and make very healthy margins at your expense.

Here’s What You Do

First, read any contract completely. Make sure you know exactly what fees might apply and when, and what rate increases you might expect to see. If you’ve already signed a contract, do this anyhow so you know exactly what you’re working with.

Then, you can compare to other quotes. Even if you’re stuck on a contract right now, what you can negotiate if you try can be lower enough than the cancellation fee to pay for itself quickly — because that’s how high those margins can get if you let them get out of hand.

If you’re with a big national hauler? Try local companies too. You might be surprised what’s on offer when you can get a face-to-face with a local hauler who might be more nimble and hungry for your business.

Get Waste Hauler Insight

We help people cut the cost of their waste and recycling management. That includes getting those waste hauler contracts figured out so you are in control. We have access to a huge national Canadian service provider network, and our expertise can help connect you to the best, most cost-effective hauler no matter your current contract.

And that’s not all. We have a full suite of waste management and recycling services that can help cut even more costs — like sensors that detect how full your bins are getting. Don’t get hit with weekly overage fees. Figure out when your bins are full and when they’re empty and work out a pickup schedule that actually works for you.

Want to learn more? Reach out to learn more and get started.

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